DIY Lighted Home Decor Idea| Mirrored Wall Sconces with Lighting DIY

20 Dec 2019

Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Wall Sconces| Elegant Dollar Tree DIY that is Quick and Inexpensive.
This is a Versatile Lighted Wall Sconces that can be placed in any area of your home, and by just changing out your Flowers you can transform these Wall Sconces for any Season of the Year!

Dollar Tree Items Needed
8 5" Square Mirror Candle Holders
1 Black Poster Board
1 Pack of Round Floral Foam Discs
3 Floral Bouquets ( I used 2 Red Dahlias Bouquets and 1 White Lilac Bouquet)
1 Pack Gold Floral Wire
1 Pack of Clear Acrylic Gems
1 Pack of Battery Taper Candles
1 Roll of Gold Diamond Wrap
2 LED Wire String Lights

Black Acrylic Paint
Fix All Adhesive
Hot Glue
Command Strips

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