How to decorate a small rental apartment balcony - LA edition, part 2

20 Dec 2019

Even though I’m renting and on a small budget, I wanted to transform my small 35 ft² balcony into an outdoor room where I could enjoy the beautiful California weather all year round. In part 1 of this balcony makeover, I covered up the tired looking walls in a way that made it possible to use the top for plants and accessories. I also built DIY lattice panels to add shade and much needed privacy, installing them without making any structural changes to the balcony. Now in part 2, it’s time for some furniture to really transform my balcony into a cozy outdoor room. You’ll see how I made a lounging storage bench, how to makeover an inexpensive IKEA table, and how to make a vertical herb garden that doesn’t take up any floor space. You won’t believe the before and after of this rental balcony makeover!

You'll find a complete resource guide, including tools, supplies, and materials that you'll need for the projects in this episode, here:

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