Learn how to make beautiful chocolate decorations to decorate your cakes and other desserts (Part 2)

20 Dec 2019

Learn how to make beautiful chocolate decorations at home to decorate your cakes, cupcakes and other desserts Part 2

This video shows you how to make another three very simple yet beautiful basic chocolate decorations using only butter paper, leaves from a money plant, an icing bag, gold dust, bubble paper and some toothpicks.

The first one shows how to make chocolate squares with a crushed texture design brushed with edible gold dust to highlight the design. The second one shows chocolate leaves, made from the actual leaves from a money plant or any other nonpoisonous plant you may wish to use, a toothpick to spread the chocolate over the leaves. This is ideal for putting on top of cupcakes and cakes for birthday, celebrations, parties etc.
The third one shows basic chocolate decorations made on on bubble wrap plastic  which helps to form a very unique chocolate design as seen.

A lot of videos on YouTube will show you some of these basic decorations, but we have tried to show you some of our techniques and tips, to make it easy for you to understand the whole procedure. Look out for more awesome, beautiful and easy to make chocolate decorations in the future.

To know how to use the correct techniques to melt chocolate kindly refer to our video link 


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