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20 Dec 2019

In this episode of Spec. Sense, Vance explores the different decorative light bulb shapes. You'll learn how to measure and how to choose a decorative bulb.

The B-Shape (blunt-tip), C-Shape (candle) and G-Shape (globe) are the most common decorative shapes and typically use the E12 intermediate screw base. All light bulbs use a code to describe the shape, size and base type. This code can be determined by a few simple measurements.

Order replacement bulbs (lamps) online:

For more information on the other bulb shapes and types:
Standard Bulbs:
Reflector Bulbs:
Linear Tubes:
Twin Tube Bulbs (Plug-In Style):
Miniature Bulbs:

After narrowing down the shape and base type, next choose the brightness and colour temperature.

Learn about the energy cost and lifespan of different bulbs:

Not all bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches. Learn more:

Learn more about lighting technology and the difference between incandescent, fluorescent and LEDs:

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