META – Minimalist Bathroom Design by Dornbracht

20 Dec 2019 | For a long time after its launch in 1995, Dornbracht's bathroom series META was one of the most radical designs of its kind, and since then, the development of the series’ minimalist design language has been consistent. META's product designers from sieger design say the latest META refinement perfects the root idea of minimalism and broadens individual design possibilities with new, versatile collections of finishes.

Two more variants (META SLIM & META PURE) have been added to the META product range, making the level of reduction an individual decision: This makes the bathroom fitting META progressive, timelessly stylistically assured, and universally applicable. The META, META SLIM and META PURE variants for the washstand offer three different control concepts – each further reducing the design.

META achieves surprisingly diverse effects when combined with different colours, materials and finishes: META can shape individual minimalism in the bathroom.

Product design: sieger design.

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