Minimalist Bathroom: DIY Eco Friendly Body Wash & Sugar Scrub Recipe! Green Beauty Products

20 Dec 2019

Check out this week's donations and learn how to make a DIY body wash, hand soap, sugar scrub for face and body, and what product I'm obsessed with.


Body Wash:
1 part water (add first to avoid bubbles)
1 part Dr. Bronner's soap
-Add water, fill bottle halfway, then add soap.
Time to make: Less than 1 minute

Hand Soap:
1 part water (add first to avoid bubbles)
1 part Dr. Bronner's soap
5-10 drops of a moisturizing essential oil (Argan, Jojoba, vitamin E)
-Add water, fill bottle halfway, then add soap and essential oils.
Time to make: 1-2 minutes

Sugar Scrub:
1 part olive oil
2 parts sugar
A dash of honey for moisturizing properties
5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance
10-15 drops Argan oil or other moisturizing oil
-Add 2 parts sugar to container. In measuring glass, add 1 part olive oil, and then the other wet ingredients (optional). Pour wet ingredients into the sugar and mix thoroughly.
-Time to make: Approx. 5 min.
Notes: May need to be stirred periodically as the oil can separate from the sugar after time. Best used after shaving as the oil can accumulate under the razor. This mixture shouldn't aggravate skin even after shaving. Be sure to spot test to ensure you aren't allergic to the ingredients prior to using. Organic ingredients are my personal preference but these are going on your body, not ingested, so make this recipe your own!

Thanks for watching!

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