Minimalist walk in closet and Bathroom tour (Low budget organization)

20 Dec 2019

I will be tackling a long overdue family minimalist closet and bathroom organization all on an extremely low budget.

We were in India during the month of October and many of the infant and baby stuff was still lurking in our walk in closet. I was successful in selling some and donating all the rest away.
We were good at purging the unwanted stuff we had accumulated over the years.

We were on a tight budget so I didn't go overboard in buying lot of organizers as we are so shortly there and this worked for us.
I just organizers worth less than 1000 Rs. Many of them I just re- purposed and reused.
One needn't just buy too much to have a functional closet. I also made money out of what I sold to balance out the expenditure.

Purged and organized the bathroom sink, vanity and under the sink area very successfully.

I got some low budge storage basket organizers from some local supermarkets and carried some unused fold able organizers from Switzerland. These fold able organizers were from IKEA. All in all I could organize everything on a very low budget.

I apologize for the shaking video shooting and some bad lighting in between.

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