Minnesota Wedding Decor Lighting Up Lights Monogram Spotlight Projector

20 Dec 2019

http://pro-1.com/ - You will spend countless hours and many hard earned dollars creating just the right touch for your special day. Illuminating your décor with the perfect lighting will transform your event from beautiful, to unforgettable. Let us help showcase all your hard work with elegant, exciting and affordable event lighting and effects! Contact us for more information at 888-347-5562!

Add a personal flair to your event with Custom Monograms! These personalized lighting effects can be custom designed with initials, dates, symbols such as hearts and moons, or even a special message for your guests! It's a fun, unique and simple way to really make your dance floor shine! Can't decide on just one? Create as many effects as you like from our many lighting options.

You can spend as much as $100 or more for each table centerpiece. Hundreds more will be spent on the wedding cake and head table. With Showcase Spotlighting, we can illuminate your gorgeous table decor without intrusive cords and uncomfortably hot lights! Unobtrusive, LED spotlights can be placed anywhere in your venue to create a welcoming atmosphere, while featuring your decor in just the right light.

Imagine, just as you are preparing for your first dance; the lights dim, the guests hush and a gentle cloud rolls out over your dance floor. Your song begins to play and you are both swept away in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can create this for you, with no mess, no odor, no loud noise, and with no trace left behind! Bring a level of fantasy to your wedding dance others only dream about, while you dance on a cloud.

Theme-colored uplighting has become one of the most sought after touches in wedding décor. The technology to create these stunning effects has finally caught up with our imaginations! Creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere on your wedding day has never been easier. Just imagine your reception hall, glimmering in your favorite colors, setting the stage for a magical, and unforgettable evening.

Transform a specific area of your reception with colorful and illuminating light! You can highlight pillars, corners, the cake table, the bar, and the dance floor. We provide the lighting and equipment you need at a great price! Consider using accent lighting to truly make your hall unique and memorable!

Take your guests breath away with stunning full room lighting. Your customized color pallet will be your paint brush as you splash the walls with any combination of color you desire. We can program your lighting choices to create a cascade of alternating colors throughout the evening. Fade gently between colors while your guests enjoy dinner and then, kick the dance floor into high gear with sound and light coordinated effects! You will work directly with our experienced staff to create just the effect you are dreaming of!

Pro Sound & Light Show Disc Jockeys also provide award winning wedding DJs in Minnesota and Wisconsin, including Minneapolis, St Paul, St Cloud, Rochester, Brainerd, Duluth, Superior and more!

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