Nursery Decor Tour

20 Dec 2019

Welcome to our baby girl's nursery! So excited to share it with all of our friends and family finally.
Her nursery is in a modern style with very neutral tones and pops of color through books and toys. This nursery is quite transitional in that we have used pieces that can either grow with our baby girl or be used for a second child down the road should God will it.
Would love to hear your thoughts and please leave any questions you have below. The song in the video is by The Piano Guys, their interpretation of Bach's Suite No. 1, here is the link to their video:

Nursery Items:
Crib Sheet:
Cardboard Animal Heads:
Map, Umbra Mapster:
Rocking Chair:
Pouf: Ross
Curtain Rod:
Curtains: Marshalls
Faux Sheep Skin:
Wall Hooks: Umbra Buddy in black
Floor Lamp: Offer Up
Dresser: Craigslist

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