Planks made from recycled plastic build cheap houses

20 Dec 2019

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Autlan, Jalisco state - 13 April 2013
1. Mid of vultures sitting on landfill
2. Wide of man collecting plastic bottles
3. Mid of man collecting plastic bottles, vultures in background
4. Mid of plastic bags and other rubbish in landfill
5. Wide of tyres
6. Mid of rubbish
7. Mid of recycling bin for plastic waste
8. Wide of man putting plastic bottles in recycling bin
Guadalajara, Jalisco state - 20 February 2013
9. Wide of piles of plastic waste outside Kuadro Ecological Solutions factory
10. Various of men sorting plastic rubbish, putting it into bags
11. Wide of interior of factory
12. Close-up of worker cutting up large plastic bottle
13. Mid of worker putting plastic objects into shredding machine
14. Pull focus from pile of shredded plastic "confetti" to workers in background
15. Shredded plastic in tray
16. Wide of workers pushing tray of shredded plastic towards oven
17. Close-up of baked plastic boards with workers in background
18. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Ramon Martin Espinosa, Commercial director of Kuadro Ecological Solutions:
"We transform the waste material into a plastic board that can be a substitute for some conventional materials such as wood, steel and concrete."
19. Mid of workers cutting plastic board with electric saw
20. Close-up of worker cutting a piece of plastic board
21. Wide of plastic boards in factory
22. Workers cutting plastic boards
23. Workers constructing plastic platform
Mazamitla, Jalisco state - 27 February 2013
24. Mid of fence made of plastic
25. Mid exterior of building made from plastic
26. Close-up tilt-down of wall of plastic building
Guadalajara, Jalisco state - 20 February 2013
27. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Ramon Martin Espinosa, Commercial director of Kuadro Ecological Solutions:
"Another goal is to create a product that allows us to deal with a need that has become very important these days, and that is housing, specifically in vulnerable areas, where people have been marginalised and don't have the opportunity to live in dignity."
Mazamitla, Jalisco state - 27 February 2013
28. Wide of new building made of plastic boards
29. Close-up of window
30. Workers outside plastic building
31. Travelling shot moving from outside to inside building
32. Mid of building
33. Wide pan of building
As Mexico's economy grows, so does the amount of plastic that Mexicans use - and throw away.
But a Mexican company has found an innovative use for the country's growing mounds of plastic rubbish by turning it into low-cost housing.
Mexicans throw out more than four-thousand metric tonnes of plastic waste every year, and at the moment, about 90 percent of it ends up on landfills, waterways and beaches, according to the country's National Plastic Industry Association.
Only about 10 percent of this plastic waste is reprocessed.
Recycling facilities do exist in Mexico, but a lack of awareness among most people about the importance of reducing waste in the environment means that a large amount of plastic ends up on landfill sites.
A company called Kuadro Ecological Solutions has spotted an opportunity among all the rubbish.
Based on the outskirts of Mexico's second-largest city Guadalajara, Kuadro reprocesses plastic waste and turns it into plastic boards that can be used as a construction material.
Every month, 40 metric tonnes of plastic waste from all over the state is sanitised and brought to the company's factory to be processed.
Kuadro employs a team of workers to sort through a mountain of drinks bottles, chemical containers, supermarket bags, pipes and even car interiors.

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