Roblox | Bloxburg: Cheap Family House | House Build

20 Dec 2019

enjoy watching!! ????

↪ build info ????
➣ value: 42k

➣ game-passes needed:
multiple floors
advanced placement

➣ rooms:
3 bedrooms (4 people)
2 bathrooms
1 dining table
1 laundry
1 garage (enough for 2-3 cars)
living room

note: yes i know i didn't use many decorations at all in this build, I really wanted to keep it cheap because I'm going to be having some really big stuff in the next couple of weeks. honestly, this is kind of the perfect house for a family, especially if you need a cheap house

↪ plugs ????
➣ roblox username: iamAnix
➣ instagram: @anixrblx
➣ roblox group:

↪ creation info ℹ️
➣ recording: GeForce Experience / Shadowplay
➣ editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
➣ thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

↪ frequently asked questions ????????
q: can you build my house?

a: no, i do not build for anyone due to limited time

q: can i rebuild your house?

a: yes, i encourage that!!

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