Room Addition Construction Problems from Cheap Roofing Contractors

20 Dec 2019 One of the biggest problems with room addition construction is the involvement of a cheap roofing contractor who's going to create problems for the homeowner in the future. I'm not suggesting that all of your problems will stem from hiring a cheap roofing contractor, but it doesn't make any sense to build a nice room addition and protect it with a inferior roof. This video doesn't only apply to room additions, I've seen this problem in other building projects. The homeowner or property owner starts to run out of money and hire is the cheapest roofing contractor that they can find, simply because they just want to get the building done. Sometimes these roofing contractors use inferior products, inexperienced workers and do inferior work, only to find out in a few years later if not, the first rainstorm, that their roof needs to be fixed or replaced. Watch some more of our videos for great tips on room addition construction, home remodeling and home building.

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