ROOM TOUR - How to Decorate your bedroom

20 Dec 2019

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Room Tour & closet organization. YouTubes most popular Room Tour designer of MacBarbie07, TaliaJoy18, BeautyLiciousInsider, KrazyRayRay and MayBabyTumbler and designer of Makeover Mondays is Rebecca Robeson.
Decorating on a budget with IKEA furniture, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reveals the Bedroom Makeover of her daughters Modern Hip Bedroom designed around her personal taste and passion as a teen model.
Interior Design ideas for the bedroom! Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson transforms 2 bedrooms into a bedroom and closet wardrobe. Designing the perfect room for a client requires knowing what the client is all about. Their interests, passions and lifestyle. In this video you will see the Bedroom and closet wardrobe room Rebecca created for her own daughter. Sharrah loves Fashion, clothes, shoes and boots, accessories and all things related to Fashion! Modeling is an interest too so The video has been infused with modeling shots of the client!

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