The Sims 3 House Designs - Modern Unity

18 Dec 2019

Hey guys, welcome to my new channel! What do you think of Modern Unity, leave a comment, drop a like and ad it to your favourites!

Meet 'Modern Unity' Let your sims experience life to its fullest in Modern Unity. A luxurious modern with chic interiors, wonderful surroundings, and lovely architectural ideas.

My creations are safe, playable and fun, this short film is meant to inspire you to start your own building projects. Please let me know what you think and remember to hit subscribe for more sims related content.

- 1 Bedroom
- 1 Bathroom
- Open Living plan
- Formal Lounge
- Open Kitchen and Dining space
- 1x Carport ( sloped driveway )
- Courtyard and balconies complete with outdoor Dining set, BBQ, entertainment, pool and gym
- Lush Landscaping

If you're interested in download this house, check out the following links :-)

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