Tiny house with bathroom vent, heater, and recessed lights

20 Dec 2019

Why 2x6 Loft Framing Can be Helpful in a Tiny House

LINK - pic of the bathroom ceiling combo unit we used here:

When we built our little yellow Goldfinch we went through several different design changes. Before we started I decided it was going to be a more affordable house, with fiberglass batt insulation and T1-11 siding. I modified the Wee Bee plan and drew up a new floor plan calling for split lofts and a different kitchen configuration to allow for a bigger stove with oven. We were still working under the tutelage of our neighbor and friend, a smart guy with years of building experience.

By the time we got through the framing of the exterior walls we had heard many requests for just a room without bathroom or kitchen. We decided to simplify the Goldfinch even further and create an empty finished room. When it was time to frame the loft, our friend expressed concern that without internal supporting walls the 2x4 loft wouldn't be supportive enough. We went with 2x6 loft joists on his recommendation. Since then, I've learned that it isn't structurally necessary but at the time it seemed better to be safe than sorry.

After working on the project for a while, I realized I still had an extra bathroom sink from a previous job, and we decided the Goldfinch would be more functional as an office or guest room if it had at least a half bath in it. Design number three went into play, and we built a dividing wall to separate a bathroom space. As things progressed I was happy we built a 2x6 loft, because it allowed us to do recessed lighting and a three function bathroom vent fan. Now the Goldfinch has nice built in task lighting and a unit in the bathroom with a light, a vent fan, and a heater rated for 200 square feet -- theoretically more than enough to warm the whole little house.

Dylan and I are working on a series of short tiny house tip videos, so enjoy the first video about the advantages of 2x6 loft framing, and let us know what other brief specific topics yo might like to see in future videos. Vive la tiny!

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